The Difference: The CodeUp Club vs Bootcamps

The CodeUp Club vs Your Options:

At The CodeUp Club, we love learning!  Whether you choose to join us, study at home on your own, choose a bootcamp, or get a 4 year degree, there are tremendous benefits to gaining a computer science education.

The following pricing matrix compares The CodeUp Club to your other options.  As you will see, our class prices, displayed here as a monthly basis, are an affordable way to supplement your online learning with a community of people to study with, who are on a similar journey.
  Self Study  
Major Plus:
So much to learn online and great way to start.
  • Online Tutorials
  • Learn Exclusively Alone
  • Inconsistent Study Materials
  • Limited Feedback
  • Online Only Responses
  • Answers without Understanding

The CodeUp Club!

$159 Month
Major Plus:
Supplement your online learning, with instructors and peers.
  • In-person Instruction
  • Peer Group
  • Accountability
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Practical Skills
  • Study Partners
  • Mentorship
  • Flexible Study Around Your Schedule
  • Time to Absorb Information
  • Get Building Sooner
  • Low Cost Option to Strengthen Your Development Skills
12 Weeks
Major Plus:
Forced Quick Pace
  • Expensive
  • Full-time commitment
  • Inflexible curriculum
  • Shallow understanding of too many topics
  • Unrealisitic pace
  • No continued support after program
  • Mixed results
We encourage former bootcamp students to join our classes, to continue your education.
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  4 Year Degree  
4 Years
Major Plus:
4 years dedicated to computer science
  • 4+ year commitment
  • No way to try if programming right for you.
  • Cost of Bachelor's Degree
  • Not job-ready skills
  • Great education, but long before you can start to build.