Our Story

Welcome to The CodeUp Club!

People have asked me, so "Why The CodeUp Club?"

Some background: I have always wanted to be a software developer, both to accomplish a personal goal -- to be able to build things -- and as a professional goal, to use as a skill in the business world. A few years ago, I started learning on my own. In time I met others who were interested in learning to code, and we continued to pursue our shared passion for building awesome stuff on the web.

Today, I am a full-stack web developer. I find it crazy to say that -- and it's pretty damn awesome!

I love learning, and especially learning all about the new technologies out there to build web-apps.

I didn't do it alone.   I, like many, started off with the hundreds of tutorials you can do online and I used them all: the videos, the articles, the textbooks, the forums, Google-everything, Stackoverflow.com, the REPLs, and even paid for online mentoring. Those are great resources, and are tools that you should definitely use -- but it was a spotty road.

I knew I was looking for community and mentorship. Dedicated mentorship was hard to find, and consistent study partners were elusive. What was definitely missing was a clear path to success.

I searched for other self-learners. Slowly a community was formed. I learned what worked for me, what worked for others, and we refined what it takes to get people to code confidently.

From there, The CodeUp Club was born. It is a community of developers, working together, to guide you to become the software developer you aspire to be.

If you put in the effort, you can become a developer, gain a new carreer skill, and find passion for something you do. Being a Software Engineer is not for everybody, but for those like me, who are captivated by web-development, we'd like to think that The CodeUp Club is the perfect place to start.

I am always available to answer your questions, by email or phone.
I look forward to speaking with you, and moreso, to start programming together!


Founder and CEO


Learning happens in a group for a reason. We learn from one another and feed off our shared energy. Discussion allows for concepts to absorb, and others help keep us on task. People with similar goals keep us passionate and motivated.


Mentorship is critical to speeding up learning. You learn the right material from someone with practical experience. The benefits are tangible and intangible -- you simply learn how to operate like a professional. It is difficult to find dedicated mentors. Our aim is to stick with you.

Part-Time, Long-Term Learning

It can be done. You CAN study part-time and become a web developer. With dedication we have seen beginners blossom into professionals. Our community will stick with you, conducive to your long-term, part-time learning goals, until you complete your journey.