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  • Weekly in-person evening classes, together with online videos, homework and review.
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  • A community of peers, studying at your level, for collaboration and support.
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  • An online study group to reinforce what you are learning on a daily basis.
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  • One-on-one mentorship, making sure you stay on track towards your goals.

Starting: March 15, 2018
Thursday Nights: 6:30pm-9:00pm.
• In-Person Class: 6:30pm-8:30pm
• Lab (Optional): 8:30pm-9:00pm (Q & A and group debugging)
» 5 Month Course

Classroom:     Atwater Village      ( Glendale / Los Feliz )

Beginner's *Frontend* Web-Development with Vue.js!

Take your first big step towards becoming a professional frontend web developer.

  •   Want to learn modern frontend web-development?
  •   Have you spent time doing basic online tutorials?
  •   Ready to take your programming more seriously as a possible career?
  •   Are you currently a developer, trying to expand your skills in the frontend?

5 Month Course
Only $159 /month.
First Month Money Back Guarantee.
(Class size limited.)

Are you interested in building up your frontend web-development skills?

Take your first big step towards becoming a frontend web developer!

Vue.js is an amazing frontend framework with a extensive and growing community.  It is fast, friendly, and intuitive to use.  It takes the best from React and Angular, with a focus on ease of use and especially useful for designers.

As frontend and design have become a priority to web-development, it is important to know and understand how to build WebApps with a frontend framework.  Professionals use these toolsets for a reason.  It allows them to build more complex, beautiful, and intuitive WebApps for their customers, which can ultimately make or break their business.

Frontend developers are in-demand.  Having deep knowledge of the tools and ecosystem is critical to building the awesome webapps that we all like to use.

Over this 5 month course we will learn not just Vue.js, but learn the principles of coding for the web.  Whether you want to learn to build webapps or mobile apps, the same concepts apply.  You will learn how to create the "frontend" (the browser or a mobile apps) and learn how to use tools to construct and layout apps that are feature rich and delight your clients and users.

Special note:  For those who have completed a bootcamp, this is a perfect continuation of your coursework.  Bootcamps tend to teach you much, but on a shallow level.  Come join us and become a master at one skill, which is much more useful to you or any future employer.

If you have a passion for web-development, you can do this!  This course is for relative beginners on up.  If you have toyed with HTML/CSS and online coding tutorials, this could be your next step.  Also if you are a professional developer, frontend or full-stack, and are looking to increase your skills by learning Vue.js, this is a perfect time to jump in.

Come see how fun it can be to build awesome WebApps with Vue.js!